Pamela G.

Very professional, helpful and friendly. Walked me through the process of using a nebulizer unit for the first time. Well-stocked store for medical supply needs.


R. Gipson

Kimberly was a delight. You are to be commended for having her on your staff. She was patient and extremely knowledgeable---- please consider this a standing ovation.

11/6/2013  Happy P.
I rented a bed for my mother and I have to say, everyone I spoke with, EVERY time I called, was exceptionally nice, helpful, courteous, and efficient, and facilitated the entire process from info gathering to actual delivery with supreme grace. Everyone exemplified what it means to provide good customer service. Phenomenally recommended.

10/24/2013 Lorraine
Seriously great service
and good prices!! Would definitely use again when my mother visits from UK. Very grateful!

11/23/2012 Eleanor K.
Lyna, who waited on me, was knowledgeable and helpful.  She knew her merchandise and showed me all my product options so that I wasn't wandering all over the store to find what I needed. She explained everything so well regarding the different choices of equipment.

9/17/2011 George M.
My 75-year-old mother was visiting from Hungary. She had two hip replacements and a knee replacement already and was waiting for her second knee replacement. She walks with a cane, but she can't walk a lot or long distances, so we needed to rent a wheelchair. A nurse friend of mine recommended this place. We went there with my Mom. They have everything a handicapped person could ever imagine needing. We bought her a  new folding cane and a few ​other things that we didn't even plan to buy. They only charged $80 for the wheelchair rental for a whole month. I was ready to dish that out for a week. Kimberly, the sales associate was super friendly, nice, helpful and cute. I probably won't have to go back there for a while, but I can only recommend them to anyone who needs to buy or rent anything for a handicapped family member. I was very ​pleased with my experience there.

5/31/2012 Striker R
Great customer service, friendly staff, extremely helpful! I've been in the store a few times lately and every time I receive the utmost in service. The staff seems to really care about helping and they do it with a smile. Thank you Pico Medical for making it easy.

12/31/2011 Patricia D
Pico Medical Rents is like a second home to me. I've been purchasing a variety of supplies from hospital beds to walkers, chucks to adult diapers, thick-it to A &D Ointment for my ailing mother for over ten years.  She is now in her nineties and confined to bed. The facilities are spacious and well organized with extremely knowledgeable clerks/assistants. They even have a repair department. During this stressful period of our lives, my mother and I, we are so thankful to have the team from Pico Medical Supplies.

7/1/2012 Brenda S
I've been in Pico Medical a few times now and each time have been helped by very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They have everything needed for one's medical needs, and if they don't have it, they will order it for you.  Nice to know they are around the area.


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