Which Mobility Aid is Best for You? Some tips to consider when choosing...


If you're looking for something to provide minimal help, such as help with balance, a cane might be the solution. There are a variety of canes to choose from, with the difference being the handle type and whether the cane is a folding cane. Folding canes are worth considering for traveling (easy storage).
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Front Wheeled Walkers

These are simply walkers with front wheels which provide easier mobility and ease of movement outdoors. These wheels are often fixed, meaning they do not swivel side to side. These are a good choice for those who want extra stability but want help traversing uneven terrain.
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Rollators are walkers with wheels on all four legs often equipped with seats and baskets making them the perfect choice for those who are on the go. They offer the greatest range of movement and the most mobility with many models including larger wheels which offer the most mobility.
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In deciding whether to go with a basic or wheeled walker, consider whether you will be able to handle having wheels. You should be able to control both the wheels and brakes effectively.

If you travel outside of your home frequently, choose a walker that folds down for easy storage and transport.

Rollator/transport chair combination products are useful if you want to walk part of the time and be pushed (transported) when you get tired.