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Ramp Length1-7 Day Flat-RateMonth RateWeight
Suitcase 2' Ramp$20.00$27.009 lbs
Suitcase 3' Ramp$25.00$35.0016 lbs
Suitcase 4' Ramp$30.00$45.0020 lbs
Suitcase 5' Ramp
$36.00$50.0026 lbs
Suitcase 6' Ramp
$39.75$53.0030 lbs
Suitcase 7' Ramp
$37.50$50.0036 lbs

Tri-Fold 5' Ramp$37.50$50.0026 lbs
Tri-Fold 6' Ramp$47.00$63.0038 lbs
Tri-Fold 8' Ramp$71.25$95.0050 lbs
Tri-Fold 10' Ramp$86.00$115.0060 lbs

Pico Medical Equipment Rentals has been the leading Portable Wheelchair Aluminum Ramps rental source in Los Angeles, Culver City, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica since 1925.

Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

(Los Angeles, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica)

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  • ​All ramps have non-skid texture on top.
  • Ramps are portable and can fold up to fit in most vehicles.
  • Sizes available 2' to 10'.
  • Ramps are 30'' wide.
  • Please refer to chart below for the correct measurements & lengths.